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About This Project

With over 10M new cases of TB diagnosed worldwide annually, 2.2M of them in India alone, Tuberculosis is become one of the major epidemics in the world. In comparison with AIDS, there where 2.1 new infections world wide.

In order to cure TB patients must complete a long treatment cycle, ranging from 6 to 24 months of daily antibiotics. Much like any other drug long treatment, non adherence rates can range to up to 70%. Resulting in the transformation of the bacteria to Multidrug Resistance (MDR-TB) bacteria which does not respond to the most powerful anti-TB drugs. The spread of this type of bacteria is becoming a major threat to world health

Our challenge was to develop a system that could monitor and track if TB patients were taking their medication to lower non-adherence.

Our solution the “eTYP” (electronic Take Your Pills) combines an affordable smart pill box and a supporting reminder system.
The device, that can latch onto any blister pack, monitors the extraction of each pill using the vibration created by the breaking of the blister pack. The eTYP electronic module records the pill extraction as a unique code and can be the transmitted via 3G cellular network.
Should the patient fail to take the required pills, the unbroken circuit will notify the e-typ system and a sms or phone call will be generated as a reminder continually until an action is taken. The same results can be achieved In rural areas without 3G, applying our unique reminder and tracking system on any cellular phone.

Our solution integrates seamlessly with existing government TB treatment programs and is designed to digitise and automate the internationally accepted WHO treatment plan.