Unhacking Attention

Refocus Your Team, Improve Well-being, and Increase Productivity.

Send Me the Course Syllabus
Send Me the Course Syllabus
8-week course and accountability assistant to give your people tools to regulate internet usage, identify and mitigate distractions and balance their lives.
Balanced digital environment.
Balanced digital environment.

People are Burned Out

Hacked Attention. Distractions are expensive.
Hacked Attention. Distractions are expensive.

Distracted. Emotionally imbalanced. Unproductive. Quietly Quitting.

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⏱️ 3 minutes Average uninterrupted work
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↩️ 23 minutes time to refocus.
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💲 4k cost of distractions per employee per year.

Skills We Will Learn

Attention Regulation:

Improve the ability to keep your attention where you want it.

Emotion Regulation

Learn to deal with difficult emotions and situations with grace.

Form & Change Habits

How to start and stick with positive habits, stop or reduce negative habits.

Supportive Environment

Shape your digital and physical spaces to support your goals.

How We Will Learn

  • Mindfulness and meditations
  • Behavioral Change Exercises
  • Group discussion and Q & A sessions
  • Smart phone settings guidance
  • Personal assistance and support
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Help Sticking With the Program

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  • Messaging based personal assistant.
  • Accountable to you, pushing you toward success.
  • Guidance to find and unblock what’s holding you back.
  • Accompanying you, even after the course is done.
  • Stick with your new habits, your new
  • Don’t miss a meditation or a exercise.

This Course is for You if your are…

  • Feeling burned out.
  • Struggling to concentrate on tasks or reading.
  • Using technology as an emotional escape.
  • Struggling with online procrastination.
  • Technology use is hurting work performance and/or relationships.
  • Feeling unsatisfied, irritable, sad, or anxious on devices or when they are unavailable.
  • Staying online longer than anticipated;
When is Internet Usage Problematic?
When is Internet Usage Problematic?

About the Instructor

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Shlomi Mir is a Mindfulness Teacher, Coach, and Product Manager focusing on applying awareness and insight to the goals and challenges of daily life.
He creates experiences and products that help people grow and discover freedom, including meditation and well being apps.
He holds a Masters Degree in Human Computer Interaction HCI, has completed MTTC Mindfulness Teacher Training, and is training to become a Mindfulness Based Psychotherapist.