Augmented Reality, Machine Learning
About This Project

Augmented Reality experience training users to select objects with their mind and guiding data collection for machine learning models – for Arctop Inc. Brain Computer Interface company.


For data collection to be effective, it was necessary to create an immersive goal oriented experience that would balance user training with data collection at the same time. Users entered a space environment dominated by two portals through which capsules transporting good and bad elements would travel. Their goal – to allow good elements through and destroy the bad elements before they get to earth.


This design takes advantage of a unique property of Augmented Reality – impossible objects. Users could move in space to look deep into a portal from the front and see the space behind it, but wouldn’t see that space from the back or side. User testing guided the automatic instructions and feedback to improve the performance and effectiveness through rounds of testing.


Developed in Unity for Microsoft Hololens.