Interactive Spaces, IoT & Wearable
About This Project

Whirl is a series of “light printing” objects created to interact with the public space, a form of light-based non destructive street art. Designed and built by Fugara.

Series of light fixtures constructed of laser cut outer shape, light source, and responsive mechanism. The cut out casts patterns of light on the surrounding walls, street, objects and passer bys.

The object is responsive, containing a mechanism that detects movement of people, and responds by turning (or whirling) the fixture, thereby creating a changing patterns of light that interplay with the surroundings.

The installation explores urban life as a constant pursuit of the unattainable. We use light as our material, similar to paint in the medium of graffiti.

Whirl was first displayed in Florentin workshop district in south Tel Aviv independently. It was displayed to much acclaim as part of the Jerusalem Light Festival in an alley of the old city Armenian quarter. An additional version was created in the Shapira neighborhood with the local community, which continued to be displayed in the UN exhibition in Ecuador.