Augmented Reality, IoT & Wearable
About This Project

Wearable device for finding deep quiet in a noisy world and a tool for practicing mindfulness meditation.


Some times it can be difficult to find a few moments of quiet during a busy day. Island is a wearable device that helps disconnect and focus inwards. When a user puts on Island, it immediately resets the senses, creating a firm pressure on the eyes, blocking most sounds, and playing back a specific binurial recording of silence. In a way it is a kind of Anti VR.


We journeyed to specific location with especially calm “silences”, such as the beach, a wheat field during a sunrise, a deserted train station, and recorded sound using binurial recording which as closely replicates the structure of the human ear.


Made from 3D printed plastic reinforced textile, high fidelity over ear audio, and lavender and spelt filled eye pillow. Using parametric design to create patterns of 3D fractals printed directly through the fabric to create hardened and flexible areas in the product.