Interactive Spaces
About This Project

Parametric design of organic interior element for GE Healthcare offices combining aesthetics and ergonomic seating.


During the design of the new GE Healthcare offices in Haifa, I was approached by Avi Fadida Studio to create parametric design software to automatically generate design variations of flowing interior design facades. This facades would serve multiple purposes – hiding yet revealing interior space, influencing flow in the space, and providing strategic seating while maintaining natural organic flow.


The design algorithm had to create these natural shapes while accounting for many practical parameters – structural integrity, ways to connect to the interior, seating ergonomics, different design scenarios such as corners, etc. Additionally, the software needed to address manufacturing considerations such as material properties, manufacturing technology, optimization of material use and end to end integration.


The software uses Perlin Noise to generate natural wave like undulations in a localized area based on architectural models, then consecutively modifies the surface to meet various practical requirements – connection points, seating, doorway opening etc. It then passes this abstract shape for automatic subdivision into strips, expanded to their full 3D shape with details such as connector holes and breakdown into parts with connectors where necessary. These finished parts are then automatically arranged for manufacture by CNC based on material dimensions optimizing for minimal waste.


The entire project was developed with great pleasure in collaboration with Avi Fadida to allow him to realize his design vision while maintaining the standards of his studio and a Setter Architects project.


Written in Python for Grasshopper addon to Rhino 3D, manufactured with CNC in maple composite.