About ME

Hi – I’m Shlomi. I create immersive interactive technological experiences, leading interdisciplinary teams from concept to execution utilizing my hands on experience in hardware and software design and development.


I tirelessly distill the essence of projects, understanding the complex and often conflicting content, technical and business requirements, and balance between them to produce effective results faster and with less resources. 


I care deeply about people, and this reflects in the dedication to the quality of user experience and all individuals in the collaborative creative process.


I am also the founder of Awareness and Choice a mindfulness and technology consultancy, the co founder of Fugara Collective a large scale interactive art collective, and co founder Pangolin Labs, a parametric architecture  manufacturing startup.  

Profile Pic
Physical Workspace Virtual Workspace

Example of my physical vs virtual prototyping set ups.

Physical Virtual Spectrum

Interactive and immersive experiences utilize a spectrum of technologies, from the physical and mechanical to the virtual. I enjoy moving between the different tools as needed, mixing and matching technologies as neccessary.


Mechanical → analogue → digital → connected (IoT/Wearable) → augmented reality → virtual reality 

Design and Development PRocess

Wishing Station Research


Content form and development research.


Rapidly testing forms and layouts.
Open Box


Building quickly and iteratively to get a product in front of users fast.
Grasshopper Detail


Developing the fine aspects of a design, including color, brand identity, ergonomics and more.
History Table


Putting it all together.
Active History